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The #1 rated queue management solution with more than 20 million users worldwide.

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Now, more than ever, we need to reduce or eliminate the number of people in waiting rooms, to keep customers and staff safe. Give your customers and your staff peace of mind.

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What Customers Are Saying During The Pandemic

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    "NH Check In not only helps reduce the COVID-19 risks to our patients, especially the most vulnerable, but also reduces the risk to our front-line staff and healthcare providers"
    - Vienneau
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    "Many patients are so eager to use this service, especially during the pandemic. They see real-time wait-time updates so they can better juggle their life, work and family without being tied up in our waiting rooms with other sick patients"
    - Butow

The Leading Queue Management Solution

#1 Rated
Queue Management Solution

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20 Million +
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Balance The Load

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Old Way: Customers navigate to locations based on geographic preference only. This leads to long waits at some locations.
Wait Management App
Net Check In Way: Customers decide which site they want. Typically picking ones with lower wait times. This leads to a more balanced load and happier customers.

Keep Your Customers Informed

Patented algorithm and self-learning AI technology calculate accurate wait times.
Up-to-the-minute notifications keep customers informed.
Display wait-list status in your lobby to enhance communication.

Enhance Your Business

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Make waiting fun and

Would you rather wait at a park or in a confined room with others? Millions of happy customers have made the switch.
Growth with Queue Managment Software

Increase Revenue

Retain more customers and attract new customers. Watch your revenue grow.
Enhance your business with Net Check In

Boost Operational Efficiency

Load balance across locations and make your customers and staff happier.

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Tailored Queue Management Software
Custom Queue Management Software

Your App or Ours?

We will create an app for you or integrate into your app if you already have one.

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The Net Check In Advantage

Includes ...
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    Industry Leading - We invented and were awarded a patent for internet based check ins.
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    Reliable - Our cloud services run 24/7 seamlessly.
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    Secure - TLS 1.2 256-bit encryption. AES encryption.
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    Integrate - API's available to integrate with your current system.
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    Standards Compliant - HIPAA, PIPEDA and VPAT 508 compliance.
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    World Class Support - Industry leading US based support reps with average response under 30 seconds.

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