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Imagine a new tool that allows your customers to wait for their service at home, in a park, or at a restaurant - instead of a waiting room or lobby.

How Net Check In Works

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Balance The Customer Load

Wait Management App
Old Way: Customers navigate to locations based on geographic preference only. This leads to long waits at some locations.
Wait Management App
Net Check In Way: Customers decide which site they want. Typically picking ones with lower wait times. This leads to a more balanced load and happier customers.

Keep Your Customers Informed

Transforming How The World Waits - Queue Management Software
Patented virtual queuing algorithm and self-learning AI technology calculate accurate wait times.
Up-to-the-minute notifications keep customers informed about the queuing experience.
Ensure a relaxed waiting experience via updated wait times and queue position.

Enhance Your Business

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Make waiting fun and

Our queuing system automatically informs customers with information like place in line and estimated waiting time. This frees customers up to to spend that time however they’d like rather than sitting a waiting room.
Growth with Queue Managment Software

Increase Revenue

Load balance across locations and make your customers and staff happier. Diverting traffic spikes to other locations allows your business to capture sales otherwise lost to downtime. Watch your revenue grow.
Enhance your business with Net Check In
Transforming How The World Waits - Queue Management Software

Boost Operational Efficiency

Our queue management solutions give your business valuable information about customer journeys, service touch points, peak hours, and more, so you can make more informed staffing and management decisions.

Custom Branded Mobile App

Tailored Queue Management Software
Custom Queue Management Software

Your App or Ours?

We will build out custom branded queuing applications for your business or integrate directly into your existing applications.

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The Net Check In Advantage

Our Queue Management Solution Includes ...
  • ...
    Industry Leading - We invented and were awarded a patent for internet based check ins.
  • ...
    Reliable - Our cloud services run 24/7 seamlessly.
  • ...
    Secure - TLS 1.2 256-bit encryption. AES encryption.
  • ...
    Integrate - API's available to integrate with your current system.
  • ...
    Standards Compliant - HIPAA, PIPEDA and VPAT 508 compliance.
  • ...
    World Class Support - Industry leading US based support reps with average response under 30 seconds.

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